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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Perks and Perils of Solo Travel

More than a week ago, I decided to go on a weekend trip to Taipei for my first solo travel of the year. This has become my tradition since this blog has been up and running. Traveling alone basically jumpstarts my adventures every year.

What makes solo travel appealing though? Have you done it? Or, have you thought of doing it? Here are some of the reasons why you should try it at least once or twice in your life.


1) You have nothing to worry about except yourself. Two words: Flexibility and Spontaneity. I am stating the obvious but people forget how advantageous this can be. The best thing about traveling solo is the fact that you really own your time. No chains. No shackles. No real commitment. You follow your schedule and no one else's. Sometimes, when you travel with other people, you don't share the same interests and that makes planning the itinerary more difficult. A common ground needs to be reached. In the end, you can no longer do the things you want to do or see the places you want to see.

Go wherever you want.

2) You would do things you wouldn't normally do. When you travel solo, there's a sense of freedom that permits you to go beyond your comfort zone. An urge to be experimental opens up. (Stretch your Imagination. Go Wild). During my visit in Taipei, I got to try the hot springs in my birthday suit (I'll have a separate post for this later). I probably would have not thought about this if I had been with family or (guy) friends. It might be awkward seeing them in their naked glory. Yikes.