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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Marcia Adams: Tuscan Countryside Dining in Tagaytay

I had to break the monotony and routine of my life lately. If there's one thing I've learned throughout my blogging "career", the power of taking breaks show not be underestimated. The urge to constantly try something different is unyielding. We need it to save our sanity in times when we feel like we are about to lose ourselves. (I've been busy studying for something really important. I shouldn't even be blogging but here I am.)

Marcia Adams Restaurant in Tagaytay made that happen.

Marcia Adams is relatively a new restaurant in Tagaytay. It started to receive "buzz" last year through the best marketing strategy - "Word of Mouth". It has everything a restaurant needs to be a culinary destination - exquisite food, beautiful views and ambience, and most importantly, accommodating hosts. Marcia and her husband Neil know how to make their guests feel more welcome after a busy day.

This small restaurant captures the essence and feel of life in the Italian countryside.