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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Farm At San Benito: A Step Closer to Healthier Living

Having what may look like an unencumbered life has its many advantages. It is a luxury that most people do not have. I own my time and that allows me to to escape from the raucous crowds of the city once in a while. When I do, I make sure it's nothing short of magical.

Since its opening a couple of years back, I had infinitely wanted to visit The Farm at San Benito (or the Farm) but I never made it happen until recently. My driver thought we were going to an actual farm with the proverbial pig, cows, and goat. I said: "There's plenty of that in our province. Why would I go all the way to Batangas for farm animals?"

The Farm at San Benito, at least in my book, is one of those IT places everyone needs to visit in the Philippines. Its reputation is legendary and that alone is enough reason to convince anyone to go. However, what prompted me to take this trip was Deal Grocer (DG has insanely amazing deals out there.)  DG presented a good offer for a day trip at the Farm and I grabbed it without second thoughts. Notwithstanding all of the Farm's outstanding reviews, a day trip seemed more appropriate. Considering my carnivorous appetite, an ocular was necessary before staying here longer for detox. If I would pay a considerable amount to remove all the toxins out of my body, it had better taste good too. 

With all the coconut trees and lush greenery along SLEX and Star Tollway, the 1 1/2 hour trip from Manila to Lipa, Batangas became more relaxing than I thought. I had this vision of The Farm and when we got there, I saw why spa-holics (and even A-list celebrities) would come all they way here for a healing journey.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I left my heart in Cardiff (Caerdydd): Discovering the Capital of Wales and Beyond.

View of the City Center from Cardiff Castle

Cathays Park War Memoral

Lonely Planet aptly describes Cardiff as the "epitome of cool." As expected, it only took me a few weeks to discover why it deserved to be called as such. This youthful capital has beautiful castles, pubs, parks, shops, and a compelling history (dating back to the Romans) that will all make your visit in United Kingdom exceptional.

Cardiff (or Caerdydd in Welsh), the capital of Wales, is special to me for many reasons. Among all the places I had visited during my vacation, I got to stay here the longest.  I was able to spend a few weeks in Cardiff and somehow, it eventually felt like home. I had a crude map of this city in my head, which was deemed an accomplishment for any traveler. We first rented an apartment near the city center and for the the rest of my vacation, I had a chance to stay in the largest University residence complex called Talybont South. I got to relive my college days here without the real and pressure of academic life.