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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Farm At San Benito: A Step Closer to Healthier Living

Having what may look like an unencumbered life has its many advantages. It is a luxury that most people do not have. I own my time and that allows me to to escape from the raucous crowds of the city once in a while. When I do, I make sure it's nothing short of magical.

Since its opening a couple of years back, I had infinitely wanted to visit The Farm at San Benito (or the Farm) but I never made it happen until recently. My driver thought we were going to an actual farm with the proverbial pig, cows, and goat. I said: "There's plenty of that in our province. Why would I go all the way to Batangas for farm animals?"

The Farm at San Benito, at least in my book, is one of those IT places everyone needs to visit in the Philippines. Its reputation is legendary and that alone is enough reason to convince anyone to go. However, what prompted me to take this trip was Deal Grocer (DG has insanely amazing deals out there.)  DG presented a good offer for a day trip at the Farm and I grabbed it without second thoughts. Notwithstanding all of the Farm's outstanding reviews, a day trip seemed more appropriate. Considering my carnivorous appetite, an ocular was necessary before staying here longer for detox. If I would pay a considerable amount to remove all the toxins out of my body, it had better taste good too. 

With all the coconut trees and lush greenery along SLEX and Star Tollway, the 1 1/2 hour trip from Manila to Lipa, Batangas became more relaxing than I thought. I had this vision of The Farm and when we got there, I saw why spa-holics (and even A-list celebrities) would come all they way here for a healing journey.

February was the perfect month to visit because humidity was low and that made walking around the sprawling grounds bearable (God knows how much I hate walking under the searing heat and relentless humidity). Upon check-in at the reception, I was given a refreshing coconut juice drink to start the day.. A private tour was immediately given by one of the staff thereafter. With only 9 out of the 40 ++ hectares developed, there are still bigger things planned for the spa-resort complex.

To make things simpler, I've made a list of what you can do here on a day trip or longer stay. Here's a preview:

1) Meditate/Do Yoga - With the view of the mountains and lagoons, this would be THE place to clear your mind and forget about the worries of everyday living.

Can you think of any other place more immaculate for yoga and meditation than this one? (I swear pictures do not give it justice)

Anna Carbonell was our energetic and bubbly Hatha yoga instructor. I did not realize how challenging it was until I tried it. It was intimidating at first but I finally got the the drift after a few poses. I also got to meet a few interesting people after our class.

If you are a bit more adventurous, you can try the anti-gravity yoga, which is a relatively new type of yoga that started in New York City. It combines traditional yoga principles with cirque du soleil elements like aerial acrobatics. I hope I am flexible enough for this one. Cool, eh?  

2) Take a dip/Swim in any of the pools scattered all over the Farm.

This was my own secret lagoon (At least for one hour). 

I could stay here the whole and read a book the whole day.
3) Get any SPA Treatment - Here at the Farm, services at their award-winnng spa includes exceptional massages, bod scrubs, to COLEMA (They clean your bowels using warm coffee as enema. I was not ready to try that yet. That kind of treatment might be better if you stay here for more than a night. 

I was booked in this villa.

It has an amazing outdoor tub and shower.

I got the relaxation massage - a must for people who are under constant stress. The therapist uses long soothing strokes to calm the mind and body. 

4) Eat at the ALIVE! restaurant. Food was a make or break it deal for me. If I hate the food, there's no way I am coming back here. Fortunately, everything was excellent and the presentation made it more appetizing! My 5-course meal certainly gave me the impression that going vegan can't be that bad if you have a chef that will make tasty and healthy food. However, that does not sound practical for most of us, hence cooking classes can be available for you upon request. 

One important note: When you eat raw food, be ready to take frequent trips to the loo. Because of the high fiber content, your body will be able to remove most of the junk in our body. 
Cashew Tofu with Asparagus in Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette.
Corn, Ginger, and lemongrass soup 

Jicama Slaw with Spicy Macademia

Alive! Spring Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce

Indonesian Rice Tamales with Carrot Lemongrass Sauce and Pear Chutney

Mango-Cholocate Sundae with Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Candied Nuts

After a day at The Farm, it occurred to me that the path to holistic health is a difficult one but the reward makes it worth it. I know the some of the bad things are too good to give up but a certain kind of discipline and commitment would be necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I could now say that I am ready to take a leap and start my journey to healthier living. slow but sure, of course. You can't shock your body. I am not ready to go fully vegan but I'll make sure Ill have smarter food choices.  My next dilemma: When do I book a few nights at the Farm?

Other things you can do at the Farm.

*Swear it all out at the Jungle Gym. With a personal trainer on site, you are sure to hit the right places.
*Take the OIL of LIFE tour. The resort makes good use of its abundant natural resources - The coconut tree. It is not called the tree of life for nothing. Learn how they make the VCO, massage oils and soaps. 
The finished products.

*Take the Mandala Flower Making classes.  Another art class that might be therapeutic for you.

Rates (For Single or Double Occupancy ++)/Night
Anahaw Family villa is based on Quadruple Occupancy

Sulu Terrace P8,400 pesos (picture above)
Palmera Suite P14,700
Anahaw Family Villa P18,900
Garden Villa P21,000
Master Villa P52,500


Refreshing Welcome Drink
Alive Gourmet Breakfast
Daily Afternoon Tea and Healthy Snacks
Orientation and Treatments and Services at the Healing Sanctuary and Clinic
Complimentary Wifi in Reception and Meeting Hall
Participation in Daily Movement activities: Yoga, Meditatation, Circuit Training, Mandala Flower Arranfing, ALIVE Cuisie prep class and more!
Use of Swimming Pools and Gym Facilities

The Wellness Holiday Packages start from P33,000 for single occupancy and P24,000 for double occupancy for 2 nights. Corresnding charges are applied for additional nights.

The Healing Retreats start from P128,000 (single) / P98,000 (double) for 4 nights. Detox can be as long as 13 nights.

For more information: visit http://www.thefarm.com.ph/
Check DEAL GROCER for their promos. You might also score a good deal.


Journeys and Travels said...

Impressive experiences as written and super love the photos you took! Its my dream to visit the Farm too, sana soon.

deobaraanmd said...

thank you doc!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! =) -- Francis Baraan

deobaraanmd said...

thanks! Glad you love it! WE'll go back!

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

That farm looks interesting. Kaso super expensive for a commoner like me. Need pa mag-ipon! Hehehe

deobaraanmd said...

it is quite expensive but you can check deal grocer for good reals. ::P Worth every penny though. ::)

Makati Apartments said...

What a beautiful place !! very relaxing place :)

deobaraanmd said...

yes a must visit if you want to de-stress your life. :)

Elal Lasola said...

Lovely place. From the pictures, the place looks like a hidden gem for people finding relaxation and serenity!

deobaraanmd said...

It is a fantastic place! Id use all superlatives to describe it.

brickello said...

I was just at The Farm last weekend and it was truly an amazing experience. Beyond relaxation, The Farm delivers on its promise of rejuvenation and rekindling of one's spirit. Truly worth it, especially if you get it at a special rate. I got mine too from DealGrocer.

deobaraanmd said...

@Brickello- I already plan to go back there so I can stay in one of their villas. It's everything you've imagined a spa to be..and more.

Anonymous said...

I heard that in May they have a special deal. Just call the reservations office.

deobaraanmd said...

It is already May. :) I will check. And your name?

G at gfootsteps.com said...

Got a great experience there too. :)Surely, I will come back and hopefully without having a pass on the menu :) hehe.. putting this as related article in my travel blog. I hope you don't mind

deobaraanmd said...

@makaveli_gna- feel free! Looking forward to my next stay here too.

Anonymous said...

End of the month I'll be going there. What spa service can you recommend that is not so expensive but relaxing?

deobaraanmd said...

I got the relaxation massage. I just notced I didnt include that here.

Anonymous said...

Hi,you mentioned you were booked on 1 of the villas,may I know if you purchased the day trip only?

deobaraanmd said...

I didn't. I said I wanted to try the daytrip first before going to the full detox program.

deobaraanmd said...

Soon..I will. Just finding the right time.

Ria de Lara said...

hi deo, i'm confused about the roomrate being single or double occupancy. Are the prices per room or is it if you are 2 in a room, do you multiply the rate by 2? thanks! lovely place, by the way!