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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion World of Jean-Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to Catwalk

- Designers are catalysts of their time; their role is to translate the changes, the mutations and evolution of society - Jean Paul Gaultier.

The first fashion exhibition of celebrated French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier at San Francisco's de young Museum is not meant to be esoteric. In fact, it may be for people who have no idea what haute couture is about. It is for all the dilettantes in the world and I believe that character is innate in all of us. After all, fashion is art - a form of self expression and statement. Jean Paul Gaultier's works may seem intimidating and slightly "confusing" for some people but this exhibition will someone make the high fashion world more accessible for everyone. 

When John Paul Gaultier started his runway shows in the 1970s, he eventually became a force in the haute couture scene. He was one of those few brave people who owned up to being different. His avant garde and hyper-sexualized works reflected cultures, subcultures, and countercultures, making all his pieces living art. Through his collections, Gaultier celebrated alternative lifestyles and that blurred the distinction between masculine and feminine. When he introduced skirts and corsets as menswear, he seamlessly presented the concept of androgyny. Clothes suddenly had no gender.

Jean Paul Gaultier's exceptional works certainly go beyond the technical virtuosity of haute couture craftsmanship. Through his clothes, he encourages our world to be more tolerant. 

Open your mind. Welcome to the world of haute-couture dressmaking.

When you first enter the exhibition, you are welcomed by the Jean Paul Gaultier himself. With the help of cutting edge multimedia technology, these animated mannequins come alive. They talk and sing in playful poetic vignettes. Click the video.

Sainte Nitouche was Gaultier's first gown for Aitize Hanson. She said: "He designed a kind of Virgin Mary gown for me- in a lavender blue and with draping held in position at the wrists that, when I held the hood down, formed a cowl, except that I wore it with my breasts bare!"

"I asked him to redo the velvet cone bras (from the Barbes collection) for the Vogue video, and they were used in the blonde ambition shows after that. I never thought that tour and those costumes would end up having such an impact-and a lasting one- one media, music, fashion, and pop culture in general, although is is great as they did. Playing with the idea of gender, of what is masculine and feminine, and giving it a theatrical humorous twist-it was a kind of political statement - Madonna.


Baby Bump Corset for Bad Girls-G Spot Collection. Spring/Summer 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermes. Winter 2004-2005. Crocodile.

Gaultier's first corset dress. Dada collection, women's pret-a-porter, spring/summer 1983.

Worn by Madonna during the Metropolis segment of Blond Ambition Tour (1990)

Modern Man's Collection 1996-1997. Jacquard riding coat with velvet trim. Cotton turtleneck. Leatherette Pants. Im not sure if I can pull this off.

Something that Mystique could have worn for X-Men. Check the Crotch area.

A French Cancan gown. It was worn by Carla Bruni in the runway show.

Madonna was obviously Gaultier's muse for a time. "Equestrian dominatrix"look worn by Madonna during the opening of the Confessions tour segment. 

Parisienne Collection. Les particules elementaires dress.

La Mariee wedding gown.

One of the most detailed dresses I've seen. Leopard Skin beaded evening gown with rhinestone "claws".

It took 1,006 hours to create this.

Galleon headband. Tuareg Marquis Collection, 1998.

Macho Elegance. Backless Jumpsuit. You should be uber macho if you decide to wear this.

Circe ensemble. Buttons Collection.

Women's ensemble. Russia Collection.

A mixture of tradition and rock and roll.

Here are some of the more wearable collections.

The costumes Jean Paul Gaultier designs are wonderfully beautiful and absolutely conceptual at the same time. Almost no one else is able to combine both the same garment. - Pedro Almodovar.

My favorite - Calligraphie gown from the Cages collection. 2008-2009. Time needed to create: 295 hours.

Jean Paul Gaultier wore this when he hosted the MTV Europe Awards, Paris, in 1995. Only he can wear this one.

Jean Paul Gaultier's exhibition has put the de young Museum on the map again. Like the Mcqueen exhibit (Click here for post) I saw in New York Last year, Jean Paul Gaultier's provocative works will leave you inspired.

Don't miss it.
I wonder if we are going to have a Filipino designer with an exhibit like this one day. Maybe, Michael Cinco?

Catch the Exhibition from March 24-August 19, 2012 at the de young Museum.
Fee: $20 dollars.
Regular exhibiton: $10.


anncash said...

Those are awesome masterpieces! It is an honor to encounter such great work! Congrats.

deobaraanmd said...

It was ann! Check my Alexander Mcqueen post. You might love that too.

Janella said...

this is fab doc!

Edmar Guquib said...

OMG! This place is full of power, class and style! I have goosebumps seeing the designs because they were just made by powerful creative minds and skilled hands :)

deobaraanmd said...

This reminded me of the Mcqueen exhibit. really powerful creations.

Alex said...

I am not the biggest fan but after seeing this, all i could say is wow. *jaw drop*

Budget Biyahera said...

Jean Paul Gaultier has been one of my fashion icons back when I was still college. I took up clothing tech in UPD, and this magnificent icon has truly inspired me in more ways than one. It's refreshing and exciting to get to see his works again. =)

deobaraanmd said...

You would love the exhibit! My sister was actually overwhelmed after seeing everything. :)

AJ said...

The first thing that comes to mind when I think Gaultier are Madonna's bullet bras in the Blond Ambition Tour. It's nice to see them again featured here. They were truly iconic and unrivaled. I don't think any form of undies has achieved such status till now.

deobaraanmd said...

@AJ- I think the Gaultier + Madonna collaboration seemed to have catapulted JPG's career. Those undies are legends! haha

Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

Wow! It's amazing to see them all in one place! Thanks for the pics!

GagayMD said...

cool dresses! these remind me of Lady Gaga..so weird.

fbalgos said...

AMAZING Collection!
My jaw dropped to some of of the creations, and I went overboard with the Virgin Mary like gown with Bare Breast! It looks surreal!

fbalgos said...

Can't get over it so I just had to share in FB and Google+

Mary Jane said...

that is awesome!! everything looks in perfection!! nice photos and everything is incomparable!! xx

Simplymarrimye said...

creativity at its BEST.
the photos are magnificently captured and the artists are explicitly awesome... exceptional !

Unknown said...

Marvelous collection! Please swing by my page too!

Traveling Morion said...

Wow ang style at design, expected na wow din ang price jejeje

Unknown said...

Wow! Ang ganda ng mga damit! Designer pieces talaga. Couture kung couture.

MheAnne said...

wow, what can i say. this is definitely for the eyes but not for the body hahaha. i didn't visit the place when in SF, good for you!

deobaraanmd said...

@unsugarcoated - welcome everyone!

@gagay - i have another post on that. Alexander Mcqueen's exhibit.

@Francis - thanks for sharing. :)

@mary jane, marie, traveling on a shoe string, traveling morion, kathy, mhe-anne. - thanks! I will check your blogs later. :)


Jenny O'Toole said...

The good thing is they allow you to take photographs inside the exhibit. In Christian Diors Museum you can't take photos. OMG it's dead nice his creations. Superb! Thanks for sharing this article.

germz said...

that's a long hallway for a collection. unique and has its own different story. wish i could visit as well.


deobaraanmd said...

@jenny - yes they do. For the alexander mcqueen exhibition, it had to be clandestine. Glad to share.
@ germline - you should visit when you get a chance! :)

athena said...

lucky you! jean paul gaultier has always been one of my design inspirations. i like him more than i like mcqueen. anyway, you're so fortunate to have seen the exhibit. inggit ako.

take care :)

deobaraanmd said...

you would have loved it athena!

enzo said...

What can I say ---- I'm out of words actually. Just..WOW! This is fashion upclose!

deobaraanmd said...

@enzo -it was really a WOW moment!

Anonymous said...

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