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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Hidden Beach, Responsible Travel, and my Dream House

A tropical hideaway has the power to positively change one's perspective. It can rekindle relationships, heal broken hearts and sometimes, even lead you to a fascinating road of self discovery. I know this much is true. 

The thing is, if I could live all of my days on the beach (with someone I love), I probably would. This kind of lifestyle is as close as anyone could get to Utopia. However, I desire something more than just regular trips the beach every summer.  I want a place I can call my own. A sense of permanence.

I have been in constant search for this ideal beach for my dream beach house but none of them has fit the mold. I want something closer to home--something that has a personal connection with me and my family. A few days ago, I eagerly took a trip back to my hometown, Pangasinan, in search of what could be the perfect beach for my dream beach house. I think this could be it. 

Compared to most provinces, the beaches in Pangasinan aren't that popular (Click here for Tambobong White Beach). Only locals and nomads are privy to the location of its hidden beaches. I have seen some of them and they are comparable or even better than the most of beaches in this country. 

I would like to share with you one of Pangasinan's hidden gems, Cabongaoan Beach in the municipality of Burgos. I honestly did not expect Cabongaoan beach to be this exceptionally beautiful. Its relatively pristine state, clear waters and white sand left us wide-eyed in astonishment. It has a unique slopy beach with sands that felt like grains of kernels gleaming in the sunlight. The sand is not powdery but they are soft, as if you are walking on snow. 

Having been struck by love at first beach sight, I kept asking the locals if there were available lots for sale in the area. If the price is reasonable enough, it might be possible to purchase a decent real estate where I could possibly build my dream house or (with God's grace) my privately-owned and managed resort.
Looking at the clear waters that stretch all they way to the horizon was bliss.

One important Note: For those of you who might decide to come here, I'd like to remind you of your responsibility as an eco-tourist. I believe a real traveler must be able to consciously contribute something. We should be avid warriors and stewards of our environment.

I got this eco-bag from the event I attended recently with some fellow bloggers. These are 6 Steps To Responsible Travel (Kudos to Philippinebeaches.org for raising more awareness!)
If you see any trash, pick it up but make sure you dispose of it properly. When there are no trash cans in sight, I usually just put them in a bag and bring them with me until I can throw them in the right place. That's what you call commitment.
I could already imagine myself spending my summers here. 
If you were imagining what house I would want to be built here, it would be something like this (or a smaller version of it). Simple, eh? Please be mindful of my sarcastic tone. 

I want a bedroom with huge windows and white washed walls.

I would not mind a house like this too.
Source: Cabin Zoom

Cabongaoan beach was the inspiration I needed to make me realise this life-long dream. Anything is possible. Think. Do. And It will happen. That's the Secret.
How to Get There:

From Manila, the trip would roughly be round 6 hours. Victory Liner buses have regular trips to Alaminos, Pangasinan (The city where you'll find the Hundred Islands). From there, you can take the local jeepney or tricycle to Burgos. Tricycles can bring you all the way to Cabongaoan Beach in Barangay Ilio Ilio.

If you have a private vehicle, as soon as you reach Burgos town, you make a right turn after the Burgos elementary school. Then...Well..Ask, until you reach this Big Tractor Tire. You'll know when you see it. Make another right turn and that will lead you all the way to the beach. The roads aren't paved all the way so prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

If you want to visit other stunning beaches in Pangasinan, visit Tambobong White Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan. Click here


You can rent a bungalow for P1,500 per night.


Mariecar said...

Wow! another place we can visit this summer. ganda!

Anonymous said...

The sand looks really clean.. i just hope it doesnt get victimized by commercialization.. :)

deobaraanmd said...

@Paotothelo - i hope not. Ill make sure of it. Ill be talking to some government officials there.

Jun B. said...

Grandeur talaga! hehe. Love the dream house..and the beach..wow

Anonymous said...

Wow.I thought Pangasinan was all about Hundred Is,Bolinao,Dasol and Anda. :))

Totally agree with the resonsible tourism part.

Thanks for this post!Very informative :)

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blogs and thanks for this... am thinking of visiting this place on weekend (May 19-20) do you have contact numbers so can check if available pa yun bungalow for rent :) thanks - joann

deobaraanmd said...

Thank you everyone! Ill try to get the contact numbers but it's usually not packed naman. :P You can also check my Tambobong post. it's quite close. you just have to go to the opposite direction.

deobaraanmd said...

And yes, responsible tourism is essential for sustainable tourism. :P

OLAN | The Travel Teller said...

"A tropical hideaway has the power to positively change one's perspective. It can rekindle relationships, heal broken hearts, and even lead you to a fascinating road of self discovery. I know this much is true." - THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS FEEL WHENEVER I AM IN TROPICAL PARADISE LIKE THIS. :) great post here!

deobaraanmd said...

Hi Olan! Thank You! Glad to know you can relate to that. Cheers!

John Marx Velasco said...

Wow! Mukhang OK dito wala pa masyadong tao.

Nice meeting you Deo in responsible tourism event last Thursday! More meet ups with Bagets!

deobaraanmd said...

Hi marxtermind - There are usually no crowds here. maybe one or two groups every now and then.

And yes, it was nice to finally meet everyone. Finally! Im sure we'll have more meet ups in the future. :)

kiko said...

hi deo! thanks for sharing with us this lovely beach. so it's pretty much the same way going to Tambobong? except that you have to take a few different turns. i hope i can visit Cabongaon soon!

deobaraanmd said...

Hi Kiko! Right. Make a right turn instead when you see the tractor tire. Go visit soon! :)

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

I want to go there, Doc! I feel ashamed that I am from Pangasinan, but I haven't visited the beaches of Burgos, Anda, Dasol etc. So near yet so far lol. I hope your dream resort in Burgos will turn into reality soon. :D

deobaraanmd said...

@mica- you should visit these amazing beaches soon, that should be your next destination. i really hope i can build my dream house here or any beach. :)

alguiven said...

Perfect place para mag muni-muni, walang stressful pollution.

deobaraanmd said...

It is perfect! I miss it already! :P

Hello Cookie said...

Hi, are there other accommodations aside from the bungalow? Like hotels, etc? And how about the restrooms? Thanks

deobaraanmd said...

thats the only nice one in the area. the restrooms are ok. dpnt expect five star hotel bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

im planning to go there by dec. can u recommend accomodations na pasok sa budget? and how much kya dapat kong iprepare when i go there?

pls reply on my e mail add pra mabasa ko agad.

tnx a lot!

deobaraanmd said...

it is very cheap there. you'd spend under 1,000 per day.

Anonymous said...

hello sir, I'm Marco and I've just read your blog, I've already seen Tambobong beach and planning to visit Cabongaoan. I just want to ask, is the beach rocky? Because I noticed in your photos it seems the beach has a lot of rocks, not good for swimming. please reply to my email, melegado57@yahoo.com. Thanks!

deobaraanmd said...

Tambobong is better for swimming Marco. It is a bit Rocky here.

Anonymous said...

Sobra po bang mabato jan? May rooms ba or kubo na pwede mag stay for overnight or 3 days? may contact number po ba kayo ng pwede magpareserve? We're planning to go there this holy week March 28 to 30, 2013. Please help :) thanks




OR CONTACT US @ 09284744988.



Deborah said...

hi! great blog you have here. we're planning a summer-ender and my heart is torn between tambobong and cabongaoan beach. i prefer a more privy, white-sand beach. which do you think is better? thank you :)