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Saturday, July 21, 2012

CUT by Wolfgang Puck (Singapore): It's all about the Steak

Celebrity restaurants, especially those with a huge following, are now a dime a dozen in major cities. When I was in Singapore, Joel Robuchon in Resorts World Sentosa was my first choice but after making an ocular, the restaurant gave the impression that it would be more ideal for a romantic date, wedding anniversary or engagement. Since I was taking one of my bestfriends, a relaxed and not-so-high-brow restaurant was a better fit. I wanted fine dining with a casual vibe. Hence, we chose CUT by Wolfgang Puck at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. 

CUT, a steak lover's food destination, is Wolfgang Puck's first restaurant (and probably not the last) in Asia. Wolfgang Puck is one of the most popular master chefs and restaurateurs in the world with an award-winning and critically acclaimed steakhouse in the land of glitz and Hollywood, Beverly Hills. They serve premium steaks that go through a meticulous process to ensure a flavorful end product.
A sleek bar/lounge area greets all the guests coming to CUT. This is the best place to have some cocktails and pica-pica before heading somewhere else for a night out in the town. I guess this space makes the restaurant a bit casual, lessening the air of intimidation that most people get from fine dining restaurants.

Without prior reservations, we went to CUT around 9:30 PM.  Fortunately, that proved to be a good time since most of the guest were already finished.

The design concept of the restaurant is actually quite contemporary. The use of leather, subdued lighting, and oak create a warm and trendy atmosphere. 

Floor to ceiling wine displays. 
Notice that portraits of Celebrities like Denzel Washington, Helen Mirren, Terrence Howard, etc are a part of the restaurant's recurring theme.

Like most fine dining restaurants, a good selection of bread was served before the starter and main course.
Foccacia and the pretzel were my favorites.
To complement a steak, we had to order some good wine. Wolfgang Puck has an extensive and impressive wine list  from the best wine-making regions in the world.  Merlot was my immediate choice, considering that it would always be a good accompaniment to steak. 

Softer. Fruitier. Smooth as Silk.
For our starter, we had the Maple Glazed Pork Belly, Fuji Apple-Yali Pear Salad, and Sesame dressing. The dulcified pork was soft and it was a perfect match for the apple's acidity. Every bite was heaven. It hit all the right parts of my palate.
When it was time to get the main course, I chose the U.S.D.A Prime, Illinois Corn Fed Rib-Eye Steak. 395 g. Medium Well. This was served with a few choices of mustard sauce but the steak's juicy flavor did not need any more dips. It was one of the tastiest streaks I had ever tried. It was incredibly tender from inside out.
My charred steak was close to perfection.

My friend Andrea got the Australian Angus, New York Sirloin 340 grams. We both had a side dish of Broccoli-Rapini with a bit of chili. If you are on a diet, this might even be good for two.
For dessert, we chose something light and fruity. It was the Market Fresh Nectarine and Ruby Crust Peach Cobbler. It was a good way to remove the taste of the heavy steak left in our mouth. It became sort of a cleanse.
I was happy when they still served some complimentary mini macarons and another dessert with some coconut shavings. These are my favorite things on earth! 

Overall, Wolfgang Puck met our expectations for a fine steakhouse in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Aside from that, CUT gave me an excellent bonding time my dear friend, Andrea. Not too formal and it was still the "grandeur traveler" way.  My only suggestion is for the staff to be more enthusiastic like the servers in the US steakhouses. Nonetheless, the staff was attentive to our needs. 

So, Is CUT the best steakhouse in Singapore? I can't say for certain since I haven't tired the others. All I know is that when you come here, it's really all about the STEAK...and it's damn good.

Bon Apetit!

Next Stop, Peter Luger in NYC!

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue B1-71
Singapore 018972
Tel. no. 6566888517


Before going to any of these celebrity restaurants, prepare yourself to spend more than usual for a nice dinner. I knew I was. Let's say on average, expect the damage to be at least $150 dollars and that will depend on your wine choice too. If the restaurant turns out to be disappointing, you can always find a better one. Even with satisfactory recommendations from people, you're never too sure until you try it yourself.


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