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Friday, July 13, 2012

Gardens by the Bay: The Future of Singapore

I am too overwhelmed to write anything while looking at these photos from my recent trip. Singapore's 101 hectare, Pandora-inspired (Avatar) superpark called Gardens by the Bay is definitely a sight to behold, especially at night. Its goal to make itself a city within a garden and not a garden within a city is not far from happening. In fact, Singapore is headed there already.
These pictures show you why Singapura, the Little Red Dot, has become the poster child for urban and economic development. This country does not have short term plans. Rather, planning is made for the more decades to come. Even with limited natural resources, this country has managed to make itself one of the most impressive economies in the world. For this post, you'll get glimpse of Singapore's newest project that tells us why this country is the future.

The Gardens by the Bay, built on reclaimed and restored land, is the most exciting thing that has happened in Singapore since the opening of Marina Bay Sands. The dominating supertrees (heights from 25 to 50) have successfully transformed the skyline of this city.  Aside from its aesthetic purposes, these vertical gardens also function as shades and environmental engines for the gardens. This is the breathtaking view of the Gardens from the Bridge connecting MBS and the Dragonfly Lake.

The Aerial Walkway for the Supertrees.

The two domes you see are the cooled conservatories. It was such a relief knowing that the temperature inside these domes won't be hot and humid like the rest of Singapore.
The Flower Dome has displays of plants, flowers, and trees found in Africa, Mediterranean, and semi-arid tropical parts of the planet. The Cloud Forest, on the other hand, was the one that impressed me the most. The cool mist and the waterfall made me imagine I was in a lush tropical forest in the middle of the city. 

Welcome to the Flower Dome.

This tree looks like it could talk.

The Pollen restaurant is ideal for a perfect date here at the Dome.

The Cloud Forest and its man-made waterfall.

Check out that light peering through the hole.

I've never seen a bromeliad this high.

All these Stalactites and Stalagmites were brought all the way from China. Singapore has a knack for bringing everything they don't have to their small country. 

I was ecstatic when I saw some pitcher plants and rare orchids in the Secret Garden.

I kept staring at this beautiful orchid that seemed to be calling me. 

At night, with all the lighting and media effects, you'll truly feel like you are in James Cameron's Pandora.

They have actors in costumes for the show in the evening.

Singapore is practically Utopia. You only need to follow the laws strictly to reap the rewards of living in this small yet progressive nation. Everything works incredibly well, from the MRTS to efficient airports. It's not perfect but in today's standards, it might as well be.

I wonder if the Philippines can manage to be where they are in a few years. We'll see.

Tickets at Gardens by the Bay. 

Admission is free except for the Conservatory Complex.


Non-residents(2 conservatories)Residents (2 conservatories)Residents(One conservatory)Aerial walkway
Senior citizen(over 60)


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My jaw just dropped!

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will be visiting this place one of this day! i live in singapore as well for 4 years now! indeed the perfect place for me and my family~ xx

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You should all visit! Perfect for families.

Anne said...

W O W! I was so amazed looking at those pictures! I can't wait to be there soon.. Hope my plan of going to Singapore by August will push through.. You inspire me a lot Grandeur Traveler. Thank you so much!

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Thanks Anne! I appreciate comments like that from my readers.

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yikes akala ko free ung admission dito. I'll be going back to SG thanks for the tip GT:)

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there is no entrance fee for the supertrees :)

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Great photos and a pretty cool blog! I loved Singapore. If you have time, you can visit my site too (http;//desinationphotography.tumblr.com)

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