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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Karma Beach Bali: One of Bali's Hidden Beaches (Bali Series)

Coming from the Philippines, my unreasonably high standards for beaches can turn out to be a burden sometimes. I know a good number of you could relate to this predicament. This leads to massive disappointment when I visit other island destinations. For Bali though, I became more realistic after asking some friends about its beaches. People have this notion that Bali has the same beaches as we do. The truth is, the island of the Gods is not known to have the beaches that we have grown to love. In fact, they are all from far from it. You won't find an abundance of dreamy white sands and crystal waters there. The Balinese beach culture mostly appeals to those who love riding the waves: Surfers. Wannabe Surfers. Or those who want to watch hot people surf.

However, no matter how discouraging the reviews of the beaches were, I still took it upon myself to see if Bali had a beach comparable or even better than ours. With that in mind, my quest to look for Bali's beach began. Fortunately, it was not too hard to find. I simply had to ask the right people.

When friends told me to visit this trip of beach on Bali's southernmost point, I conditioned my mind that this will be an "okay" beach". I said: " I'll be fine with that. Give me one white sandy beach and I'll be happy. I might not be able to stand seeing another temple in Bali."

Our tropical destination was around an hour from our lovely and romantic villa in old fishing village of Sanur (More about Bali Pavilions later). The beach is popularly called Karma Kandara or Nammos beach by the locals.They say that this beach in Ungasan is one of the few with white sands in Bali. Most of them are actually volcanic in origin. That morning, there was a heavy rain downpour but we were optimistic that it would stop at noontime. We were right. 

However, this piece of paradise comes with a price tag but you won't exactly break the bank.  If you are privileged to stay at the Karma Kandara Resort, you can go there free of charge. Otherwise, you can spend a day at Karma Kandara Beach (formerly known as Nammos Beach Club) a unique that reminds you of the Greek islands. The entrance fee is 250,000 (around 27) dollars but this is fully consumable anyway. The fun involves taking a funicular or private inclinator 85 meters down to the beach. Certainly, Karma Beach Club has something that most beaches in Bali don't have -- white sands and aquamarine waters. At midday, the intense color of the azure water is more pronounced. 

The Karma Kandara Pool has spectacular views of the ocean.

Here was our transportation all the way down to the beach.

The funicular ride shows you that the journey can sometimes be as exciting or more exciting than the destination.

Welcome to Kandara Beach.

The curvilinear bamboo pavilion comes into view. 

See the funicular going down?

The Club's Pavilion has a Robinsoe Crusoe Fantasy vibe. If I were stranded on an island with some friends and we decided to build a house with the right tools, it would probably look like this.

The beach isn't as white and powdery as our beaches but this will do in Bali standards. At the end of the day, a beach is a beach, right? As you wait for the sunset, you can lounge on the day beds the whole day.

Be careful when walking on these slippery rocks.

Try some of their signature cocktails.

Mojito, Nammos signature drink, and another one mixed with mango (I've forgotten what this is)

Shooters might be a good idea when it's party night. During Fri-Saturdays, Nammos Beach Club transforms into the island's own Ibiza with famous DJs flown in from different parts of the globe.

There's another beach club right next to Karma Kandara called Finn's. 

As you walk to the right side of the beach, the sand actually gets finer than the rest.

On top of the cliff is the Di Mare restaurant, a semi-circular and yacht-inspired dining destination in Bali. It is probably one of the most dramatically-situated restaurants on the island, perfect for couples who want a romantic dinner. The menu is inspired the flavors of the Mediterranean with a fusion of Pan-asian style of cooking. If you are a wine connoisseur, they also have over 3,000 selections of wine here that will tickle your vino craving.

The Verdict: If you are hankering for a tropical beach hideaway that is away from the maddening crowds of Kuta, Legina or Seminyak, Karma Beach Bali is the best alternative for you. Bali certainly does not have the best beaches in the world but its charm is beyond the texture of the sand or the color waters. Bali offers a way of living that only a privileged view get to experience. Terimah Kasih!

Please wait for my next post on Bali's temples and Tropical Villa Living.


Karma Kandara Resort
Jalan Villa Kandara
Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan - Bali, 80361

How to Get There:
If you are going with a group, it might be more practical to rent a car for for 8 hours since you can still go around if you decide not to stay there for too long. Rate: 500,000 rupiah or around 50 dollars. Normal cab fare from Seminyak would cost you about 150,000 rupiah. 


Olivr said...

This is heaven on earth!

deobaraanmd said...

We still have better beaches..lol

retrochic said...

Beautiful place!

June said...

I wonder if there are more beaches there in Bali like that. Great post GT!

deobaraanmd said...

im sure there are! it's moslty black or yellow sand there,

kira said...

Another interesting post Deo! I agree, our beaches are better but I think most resorts in PHL needs to upgrade the standard of their services.

deobaraanmd said...

@kira -very true! We need world class resorts!

meliza said...

"or those who want to watch hot people surf" hahah i love it, cous. :) havent exactly planned the trip, but nix and i might visit bali next yr!

deobaraanmd said...

Hehe! we do have better beaches but Bali has amazing resorts dotted all over the island! and yes, people just want to watch people surf. lol

Anonymous said...

we are planning 2 have 10 days vacation in seminyak this coming Nov. I wonder what color of the sand there?