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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quan Spa at the Marriott: An Urban Oasis for the Body, Mind, and Soul

In this country, I can't even remember how many SPAs I have visited but I know only a few would stand out when it comes to quality and service. There's a considerably big difference between a good SPA and an extraordinary SPA. Michelle Garcia, the Director of Marketing and Communications of Marriott Manila, asked me if I wanted to try the services at Quan Spa. My immediate answer was: "When's a good date?". Let's take the SPA experience to a whole new level.

Quan Spa is not your ordinary wellness and rejuvenation center. It is five star in all aspects. Its core revolves around the healing qualities of water. In Chinese, Quan literally means "a source of pure water". The unique appeal of Quan Spa is that even if it has an international branding, the spa embraces the local culture and traditions. The services are catered to the "needs" of the locals. 

The reception area is what you would expect from a modern day luxury spa - minimalist and easy on the all the senses. Here, you'll find the products used for the services on display. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Bali Pavilions: Villa Living at its Best

For all the hordes of tourists that visit Bali every year, Villa Living is more of the norm than the exception. With ease, this Balinese way of life for local residents and travelers has influenced the design elements and character of resorts around the globe, even here in our country. Having that in mind, we made sure that we got to experience the best of villa living for our 5-day vacation in the world's second best island. (T + L recently released that our own Boracay has topped the list).