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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quan Spa at the Marriott: An Urban Oasis for the Body, Mind, and Soul

In this country, I can't even remember how many SPAs I have visited but I know only a few would stand out when it comes to quality and service. There's a considerably big difference between a good SPA and an extraordinary SPA. Michelle Garcia, the Director of Marketing and Communications of Marriott Manila, asked me if I wanted to try the services at Quan Spa. My immediate answer was: "When's a good date?". Let's take the SPA experience to a whole new level.

Quan Spa is not your ordinary wellness and rejuvenation center. It is five star in all aspects. Its core revolves around the healing qualities of water. In Chinese, Quan literally means "a source of pure water". The unique appeal of Quan Spa is that even if it has an international branding, the spa embraces the local culture and traditions. The services are catered to the "needs" of the locals. 

The reception area is what you would expect from a modern day luxury spa - minimalist and easy on the all the senses. Here, you'll find the products used for the services on display. 
White waiting for my scheduled treatment, my eyes were drawn to these products by Amuin, a Filipino term that means to tame or to caress. Amuin products is made by a small community in Negros. These are locally produced plant oils for aromatherapy. This was good news since this international company would help local business grow.

For the facials, the luxurious and famous Pevonia Botanica products are used. Pevonia is a company that has redefined the spa revolution in the world. 

When the receptionist gave me the menu, I had a hard time deciding on the right kind of facial and massage. I wanted the best ones, of course. The Caviar Facial (6k+++) seemed like an interesting choice but I did not really need such a treatment. The receptionist suggested that I should get the Gentleman's Facial and the De-Stress massage. So I did.

Before my session, I was brought to the receiving area where I given a refreshing pineapple juice with a hint and kick of ginger by my therapist. When they asked about my profession, they were surprised to find out that I was a doctor. They said I looked like a highschool or college student. *Flattered*

Mandatory questions about your health.

The hallways have subdued lighting, inviting guests to a relaxing experience.

Guests can lazily lounge here after the treatment.

The Foot Massage Lounge has a nice atmosphere suitable for bonding sessions with friends. Since the core of Quan Spa is "healing through water", the spa also has a luxurious bathing suite where you can have a calming bath treatment. It even has a personal whirlpool, LCD TV and mini bar.

Quan Spa only has 6 treatment rooms. It is not a lot but I guess that's why service here seems more personalized. My massage room was spacious and it had everything I needed. There was a shower, a pair of slippers, comb, soap, underwear, bath robe etc.

I was also given a nice jewelry box for my watch.

I got the De-Stress Massage, a much-needed treatment before my residency examinations (P3450). When my therapist applied warm Moor mud to relax and soothe my back muscles, it felt like I could just drift away and forget everything. Who knew mud could do that for my body? My therapist also used the micro-emuslified Amuin Hulay, a delicate mix of lavender (my favorite) and ylang ylang, as my massage oil. It was a generous 90 minutes of pure relaxation.

After my massage, I immediately went straight to my next session--The Gentleman's Facial (P3950). This  treatment was specifically designed for men. With Pevonia Botanica products, expect visibly radiant and youthful glow post-treatment.

Can you see that happy face after my luxurious massage and facial? I cant believe I was in my treatment room for almost three hours. I still had a warm cup of ginger tea before leaving the facility.
If you decide to treat yourself after a stressful day or week in Manila, make a trip to Quan Spa at the Marriott. It will be your temporary haven for wellness and rejuvenation. I know Quan Spa is  (way) more expensive than most facilities in the metro but the treatments go beyond the body or the physical.  The Quan Spa way becomes healing journey for the body and soul. Indulge once in a while. We only live once. You deserve it!

Quan Spa
Second Floor, Marriott Hotel Manila
10 NewPort Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City
1 PM to 1 AM daily 


retrochic said...

You know who to bring next time. :D

deobaraanmd said...

haha I will ask again! :)

Oman said...

whoa, everything looks grand, that would make even the most spa-phobic (if there is such a word :p) indulge :)

deobaraanmd said...

Hi Oman! haha! Yes! I wasnt even able to take a picture of the sauna. We have to indulge once in a while. :)

Unknown said...

Just wow.. I wanna experience this spa..

deobaraanmd said...

You should go john!

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