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Friday, October 26, 2012

Devarana Spa (Dusit Manila): Garden in Heaven

Devarana Spa of Dusit Thani Manila brings something different to whole spa experience. The award winning spa (Platinum Winner: Spa of the Year and Signature Spa Experience, Regional Series. Hospitality Asia Platinum Awarsds 211-2013) has started a series of holistic health prevention programs that would be perfect for the sudden and erratic weather changes.

Devarana has a dramatic way of welcoming you to a world of pampering and relaxation. The main entrance, with its water features and foyer, already leads you to a private sanctuary in the busy district of Makati.

Devarana, which means garden in heaven in Thai-Sanskrit, has an impressive reception area that will make all guests feel like VIPs. The contemporary Thai design provides an atmosphere ideal for the tired mind and body. I would say that the Thai Style canopied couches let me imagine myself somewhere far from Manila.

The Spa has six beautiful and lavish treatment rooms, from a Standard room to a Grand Suite. You can never go wrong with any of them.

The Grand Suite - Ideal for any big celebration with your special someone.

There is also a separate area for you manicure and pedicure.

Among all the treatment options, the staff of Devarana recommended the Cardigan Hideaway (PHP 7,900 ++), a 3-hour spa retreat that aims to warm you up, boost your immunity, and thoroughly nourish your skin.

When I saw my suite, I was immediately transported to Spa heaven (I'll be posting more of my personal pictures soon.)

Before my arrival, my therapist had already prepared my tub for my 30-minute Thai Herbal Coffee Bath. As I dipped my whole body into the warm water, the aroma of the coffee easily made me forget how mentally exhausted I was from work.

After my bath, my skin was given a detoxifying Cocoa Caffeine and Vanilla Body Wrap with Reviving Source Facial Mask. There was something sinful about chocolate being lathered all over your body. I was then wrapped like a a lumpia using a thermal blanket. I could feel my body slowly being cleansed as some of the toxins escaped through my open pores.  To remove the chocolate wrap off my body, I was asked to take a warm shower. I looked at myself in the mirror first and saw walking and talking chocolate bar. Slowly, as the chocolate was washed away, I noticed my skin looked more vibrant and healthier. You know the best part of this wrap though: I smelled like chocolate!

The last part of the program was the Aromatic Contouring and Detoxifying Massage. My therapist had a unique way of kneading my "knotted" body. Next thing I knew, I drifted to dreamland. When I heard a voice saying "Sir, the treatment is finished", I did not want to wake up. For a moment there, I truly found myself in Devarana, a garden in heaven.

If you are looking for an ultimate spa experience, this might be it. I'll definitely be back for more. Spas will never be the same again

Other Treatment Programs.

Fedora Treatment Program - Starts with a 30-minute colour therapy hot bath; 30 minute green tea, turmeric, and charcoal body scrub, 90-minute Swedish massage. Recommended for the extremely warm and humid weather. (PHP 5,800)

Umbrella Sanctuary Program - 30-minute passive yoga stretching, 30 minute color therapy hot bath, 30-minute sea salt and tea tree body scrub, 90-minute devana signature massage. (PHP 6,900 ++)

For a more complete menu of their services, check www.devaranaspa.com

Devarana Spa, Dusit Thani Manila
Ayala Center, 1223 Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippies
Tel No: +6322388856


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