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Sunday, November 18, 2012

South Korea: From Busan to Seoul in Four Days (Highlights)

"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind -Seneca

Less than a week of travel time would not exactly be ideal for anyone who wants to go around a country or even a city for that matter. These days though, a couple of free days will do for me. In this lifetime, beggars could not afford to be choosers. I am desperate to have any kind vacation (FYI, I am now a dermatology resident and believe me, it's not as easy as most people think is). For most of us who have the travel bug, I don't think there will ever be a cure for it. Symptoms may remain dormant for a while but it resurface sooner or later. It's only a matter of time.

After almost two months of training, a long weekend finally opened up. My only problem was choosing where I would go. As one of Asia's rising stars, South Korea's selling point as a weekend destination was strong.  Its proximity, rich history/culture, and bulgogi (my favorite!) were all good reasons to revisit the land where the Gangnam dance was born. And besides, I seriously could not afford to travel to countries more than 8 hours away.

I thought it could not be done but I was able to fix my papers and visa in less than 2 days. The following morning, I again found myself on board a plane to Busan, South Korea via our national flag carrier, Philippine Airlines. Busan was our jump-off point for this trip like last year. From there, it was a four-day journey to most of Korea's provinces and major cities all the way to Seoul.

Here were some of the highlights: