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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sheridan Boutique Resort: A Haven in Iloilo

I get a different kind of high and excitement every time I discover something new while I'm traveling in our dear country. There's nothing better than exploring your own home. The best thing about it is that I get to share most of these discoveries with all of you. A few weeks ago, an invitation to travel to Iloilo fell on my lap. Another travel opportunity presented itself. One of my best friends from college wanted me to be at the opening of her new restaurant called Punot (Modern Flavors of Iloilo. Another blog post. Please do visit!). Since I had already been to Iloilo a few years before this trip, I did not like the idea of staying in a run-off-the-mill 3 or 4 star hotel. After all, as a blogger, I have a certain responsibility to my readers.  Thanks to my blog's Facebook page, I was able to ask you all where I could stay in Iloilo for the weekend. A good number of you had suggestions but I went with one resort that stood out: Sheridan Boutique Resort.

Sheridan Boutique Resort was everything I wanted for this short sojourn: Refreshing. Private. Clean. Relaxing.  Located in Oton, 15 minutes away from the city proper, this resort transports you to a different world. I could say this resort is comparable to most of the high end resorts in Bali. The only thing missing is the beach.

Our jaws dropped when we entered the premises of Sheridan. 

The Azure infinity pool is easily the center of the whole resort. Instead of the ocean or sea, you have a lake in front you.

Who wouldn't want to stay here?

The resort has Balinese, Malay and Filipino elements all infused into the design.

The Gazebo.

Fancy reading a book here or writing the start of your novel?

I love the details of this daybed!

If you want an excellent gastronomic experience, the food here won't disappoint. The Ayanna Restaurant has an amazing kitchen staff that carefully prepares the dishes for each guest.

At night, you can come here for a few cocktails or any drink.

One morning, I had a calming breakfast at the Ayanna Restaurant right by the lake.

I find so much joy when I have a seemingly perfect breakfast.

For my accommodation, I stayed in one of these casitas. So far, the hotel only has 7 Casitas, 2 Deluxe Rooms, and 1 Presidential Suite. I think they may have plans of expanding the resort to accommodate more guests.

The casitas are well appointed and spacious but I must warn Internet junkies like me: There is no wifi.! Thank God for 3G, right?! But if you have no 3G, you can just go to the Ayanna Restaurant for free wifi access.

The other accommodations are found right behind the reception area. You'll notice that the layout seems like it was someone else's house. Well, you are right. The owner, an engineer (or architect??) used to live here until he decided to convert it to this magnificent resort. A koi pond greets you before going to your room.

The Presidential Suite has a generous floor area. The walk-in close is huge! Maybe because it really used to be the Master's bedroom before. Perhaps they could make that a living space.

The Deluxe Room has a simple design that goes well with the resort's atmosphere.

Sheridan also has an events place that is an ideal place for weddings. Most people rent the whole resort for a grander affair.

Sheridan Boutique Resort at night.

Sheridan Boutique's resort is unparalleled in the whole of Iloilo. If you do not want to break the bank but you want a luxurious vacation with friends or family, Sheridan will do just that for you.  A +

Casitas start at P6,000. Click http://www.sheridanboutiqueresort.com for more information.

I finally got to visit the famous Miagao Church during the Miagao Festival. This Baroque Church is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site List.

Reminded me of the Fortress I saw in Milan.


Anonymous said...

Hi GT! Miss your blogs. Nice find! - Ela

Unknown said...

May I recommend adding Taal, Batangas to your bucket list for Philippine adventures? Taal is the foremost heritage town in the Southern Tagalog region and its right next to Tagaytay! Not many know, so we are trying to get the word out.
Every Filipino should tour Taal at least once. It makes for a wonderful blog. For more about Taal check out:

deobaraanmd said...

thanks Dan! I think Ive seen pictures already! Will check it out.

Bali Resorts said...

Very nice post, i love it

deobaraanmd said...

Thanks @Bali resorts

Vladimir said...

Great hotel and awesome picture.... www.gayraveladvice.com should talk about this place...seems a paraadise in earth

deobaraanmd said...

Thanks Vlad!

Kira said...

Hi Deo, another great post. This will be very useful as I'll be going to Iloilo on my next trip back to the Philippines. haha! Any other must see/try in Iloilo and Guimaras?

Agree with Dan, you should visit our province again. It has a lot to offer for tourists like you from food, world class beach and wellness resorta, heritage sites, etc. :)

Nikola said...

Hello. I'm Nikolai.

I would like to publish a guest post (with one link) on your great blog - thegrandeurtraveler.com. Could you please give me the price for the placement of it?

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

Have a nice day.

deobaraanmd said...

Thanks Kira! I have a separate post on iloilo and Guimaras must sees. Check the labels.

Nikolai what exactly will this post be about?

Marvin M. said...

I really love to visit one of these places one day because I already read many testimonials about that place.

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