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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Art and Dining in Hotel Eclat.

(This post is more of a photoblog since my mind is too full of things to do this week.)

Hotel Eclat.

I was already dreaming of staying in this Small Luxury Hotel (SLH) before going back to Taipei. Unfortunately, this dream did not fully materialize. Considering my initial plan to stay overnight in the city, it would be too painful to leave this unique hotel in less than a day. I need at least two nights to get the full SLH experience.

We ended up staying in Park Taipei Hotel, which was also a good second choice. We had a glorious view of Taipei 101 from our Balcony. The staff was also able to upgrade us to a bigger Executive Suite. Not Bad.

However, the Curious Cat in me still wanted to see Hotel Eclat. My love affair with beautiful and luxurious hotels was my driving force to see this property. I said: if I can't sleep here, I might as well try their restaurant. So we did just that.

Located in the prestigious Da-an district, Hotel Eclat shines like no other building in that area. You'll see a huge silver metal sculpture welcoming you before you enter the hotel.

Hotel Eclat is always a Tripadvisor Winner in the Luxury Hotels Category.

As soon as stepped inside the lobby, my eyes were immediately drawn to all the beautiful furniture, intricate chandeliers, and modern works of art.  It was a visual feast. The hotel lobby was practically a museum, perfect for all the art aficionados. I was overwhelmed, to say the least.

This is the hand blown glass lavender chandelier was designed and made by a Czech Glass artist.

You'll also find sculptures by famous Chinese artists like Yin Jun, Li Shan, and Gao Xiaowu.

Here's one of my favorite pieces.

The most impressive pieces from the collection are the two original Salvador Dali Collections (said to be worth millions of dollars..I'm sure!), found standing near the elevators. Everything you see here is from the hotel owner's personal collection. I wonder if his house has more "priceless" art works.

Alma del Quijote, (SW K 3/8 Spain, 1980)

Mercurio (SW K 1/8, 1980)

Hotel Eclat Lounge.

They serve fabulous China here.

I can't really remember the names of the dishes but all I knew was they were all excellent. The service was also more personalized. Our server like us so much that he gave us a huge dessert..for free!

Enjoy Food Pornography.

Smoked Salmon with Cream cheese and Asparagus.

Overall, my first experience with Hotel Eclat exceeded our expectations. I'm certain that I'll stay here for next time I visit this city. If you thought the lobby was already something else, wait until you see the rooms! 

Can't wait to see Ms. Piggy again!


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deobaraanmd said...

Hi Lily! Thank You so much! I would be delighted to go to Hotel Eclat in Beijing! I will let you know!