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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stop, Look, It's Mira Hotel.

With my limited free time since the start of my dermatology residency training, I could only afford to have short weekend trips. I miss long flights to exotic or western destinations but I have to deal with the fact that my life will be like this for the next two and a half more years. Teleportation devices have never been invented (or will never be invented). In this lifetime, I'll only see those in science fiction movies or books.

Given my few options, it won't be that hard to pick a destination. I only had to choose from countries or places with less than 4 hours flight time. As a certified urban junkie, Hong Kong was the the number one alternative to Manila life. It was a one day affair in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, it was an affair to remember.

I am sure you have noticed that all my recent posts have been about hotels. Luxury hotels have been a regular part of my weekly indulgence.  For this trip, we still wanted a hotel that was, modern, youthful with a central location. The most important one of all the criteria, however, was that we were looking for a unique hotel property. Among all the hotels in the cosmopolitan Hong Kong, I was glad my cousin Trisha picked Mira Hotel, a cool non-generic choice for young travelers. Mira hotel has managed to bring a different kind of 21st century hotel experience for everyone.

In this day and age, this is how check-in should be done: The Ipad kind of way. Even babies could do this now.

First shot of the night. 

Dark Hallways.

We decided to get an upgrade since we wanted access to the Club Lounge.
The $65 million transformation has served this hotel well. They have managed to brilliantly maximize all the space in every room. It now has 492 guest rooms (which includes 56 suites) that have been designed to awaken the senses.

Mira sets the bar for accessible and not-so-intimidating luxury.

Handy controls for the television. 

Glass walls has now been a trend in most modern hotels. Don't worry though, there are controls for the blinds if you want your privacy.

The ambient lighting sets the perfect mood for the room.

The bathroom even has a rain shower! You'll also notice the pressurized shower on the walls.

The powder room. 

You can close this sliding glass door too.

Hong Kong Tatler. A look into Hong Kong's High Society.
This is the In-Room Nokia my mobile, which lets all the Mira guess stay within reach of the hotel staff. It also helps you access the "My Mira" personalized concierge at any time during the day.

Aside from the trendy rooms, this hotel is a one-stop property for travelers. They have the best restaurants, lounge/bars, and mall in town. The most notable edge of Mira are its restaurants. Mira actually provides an excellent gastronomic journey for all the foodies out there.

Here they are:

Vibes, a cool and urban al-fresco lounge/bar, is a the ideal place for afternoon mojitos or shishas until the late hours. 

Cocktails start after 5 pm.

Whisk - Another option for a superb dining in the city. This in an upscale french restaurant with an extensive collection of carefully selected wines.

Try the famous wagyu cote de boeuf.

A must-try here is the award-winning 1-Michelin star Cuisine-Cuisine. This is an unparalleled dining destination in the Hong Kong. It has two master chefs and a friendly team of attentive servers that will lead you to an exciting Cantonese food trip. Whether you want traditional or innovative, they have it here.

The stunning chandelier almost looks like bubbles.

My cousin and I could not pass the unlimited dim sum set for lunch. 

The truffle dim sum was to die for! (This will be a separate blog post)
One more dining choice is Yamm. This restaurant, which has an atelier kind of atmosphere, offers the best of international cuisine.

CoCo (short for chocolates and coffee) is a good spot for your dose of caffeine and artisan chocolates.

Room One - a laid-back bar and lounge that may be the place for chill meetings in the afternoon.

On the hotel's 15th floor is the Club Lounge. 

Since we were booked on the Executive floor, we had breakfast here.

Love the floor pattern!

Enjoying conversations about love, life and career over breakfast with my cousin.

My daily dose of healthy kiwi and yogurt.

Cold cuts and cheese make my morning.

Last but not least is the hotel's most impressive attraction: The Mira Spa!

Mira spa celebrates "healthy living and complete indulgence".

The spa has a an excellent range of treatments, from acupuncture to cutting edge facials.

When I saw this, I knew I would be back here again. Mira spa has redefined the concept of 21st century spas.

If you are stressed in the city, you can escape from all that when you reach the Mira Spa.

After our stay here, I probably became a lot more "choosy" with my hotels. Mira hotel welcomes you to the modern world of design hotels. What it brings is a sense of comfort and limitless visual delight to all its guests.  

Stay, Play, Eat, Visit, or Work? You can't go wrong with Mira.


hotels in makati said...

chic, modern... everything beautiful. I love the chandeliers!

deobaraanmd said...

Cant wait to be back! :)

Czarina Maye said...

Very nice. Wow!

No wonder medyo mahal talaga rates nila but at least you get what you pay for. ;)

deobaraanmd said...

hi czarina! you definitely get what you pay for.

Unknown said...

These pictures are tempting me to visit over there. Such lovely place.

deobaraanmd said...

Fantastic Choice Vivian Meyer for a hotel in HK!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place, Perfect place for romantic date. :p

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