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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tarsier Paprika: Another Piece of Paradise in Bohol

I love beautiful surprises when I travel. That feeling when you discover something new and spectacular is pure joy. When I visited Bohol again, I fell in love with it more, thanks to our quick dining experience in this cliffside restaurant called Tarsier Paprika. It is located inside the Tarsier Botanic Park, a few minutes away from the popular Alona Beach.

We only had two hours left before our flight back to Manila but our tour guide from Bellevue resort easily convinced me this place was worth visiting. At that moment, I knew I could not skip this one. Tarsier Paprika went beyond my expectations. It immediately became one of my favorite quick getaways. There was something therapeutic about the whole environment.

Owned and managed by a Frenchman and his wife, Tariser Paprika has been their "passion project" for retirement. Must be a dream managing something like this. Everything you see is topnotch - the hardwood floors, modern LED lighting at night, lounge bars, and 2 air-conditioned dining areas. With the the restaurant's design concept, you know that the people behind this have a genuine artistic flair. The owners made sure that they were part of the building of this whole place from scratch.

Since this was a scorching day, we decided to eat in one of the airconditioned rooms with a panoramic view of the sea. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sometimes, Traveling is the Best Medicine.

Sometimes, Traveling is the Best Medicine. All you need is a good dose of the sun, sea and peace of mind.

Soon on Grandeur Traveler: 

I'll be writing about the only five star resort in one of my favorite island provinces in the country. Do you know where this is?

It's time to make this blog more active again.  I miss you all!