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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Palaui Adventure and Spontaneous Weekend Trip in Tokyo

Palaui Island

Next on my blog. 

You read that right. Finalmente! I managed to drag my itchy feet all the way to Palaui Island, located in Cagayan. They shot the recent US survivor chapter here. With its raw and rugged beauty, no wonder they chose this island to be the next location. 

Since I couldn't get enough of my urban landscapes too, I ended up in Tokyo for one weekend. It was one of the most spontaneous trips I had ever made. Tokyo teased me the right way. I will definitely be back. All coming soon on my blog. 
Imperial Palace
Takeshita Dora in Harajuku

Bellevue Resort Bohol: Another Reason to Visit Paradise

For Bohol.

Bohol has its way of making me fall in love with it again. I have a special connection with this island province - a connection that I don't have with any other place in the country. Bohol has all the elements of sustainable tourism - flora, fauna (Tarsier), history, and people's initiative and commitment. Unfortunately, a massive earthquake recently shook the island province, including Cebu and nearby islands, forever changing its milieu, landscape and and history. 

The tragedy that struck Bohol was something that no one had ever foreseen. The big ones seemingly come like a thief in the night. When you wake up, you realize you have already lost a lot. I know Bohol's historic structures may have crumbled like sand castles but the essence of Bohol is still there. Let that earthquake be part of its history. We can always rebuild something as long as the spirit of its people remains high and strong. I am saddened by the loss of life and historic churches there but at the end of the day, we will inevitably triumph.

This post will mostly be a photoblog about Bellevue Resort in Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island, the only five star resort on the Island. Let me give you another reason to visit my favorite Bohol. If you want luxurious accommodations with beautiful vistas of the sea, Bellevue Resort will certainly give you that and a few more extras.

The inviting pool of Bellevue. What you see in pictures is what you get. No editing.