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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Semi-Spontaneous Palaui Adventure + Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort.

Last year, Palaui Island's unprecedented popularity soared as it earned the 10th spot for CNN's World's 100 Best Beach List. On top of that award, Palaui was also the filming location for the next Survivor Installment -- Survivor: Blood vs. Water and Survivor: Cagayan. The "raw" beauty of Palaui became an instant hit for travelers who wanted an alternative beach destination. Everyone was curious and so was I. 

Our roadtrip started at 3 AM. I decided to skip bed with the fear that I would end up hitting dreamland. My travel high, however, was already potent enough to keep me awake. After almost 9 hours (with rest stop in Tuguegarao), we reached Santa Ana, Cagayan, our jump-off point for our Palaui Adventure.

Initially, my friends dared me to rough it out for this trip. They kept on repeating that my "Grandeur Traveler" reputation had already gotten the best of me. I was game to go back to my backpacking roots but after seeing most of the accommodations, I figured I needed the comforts of a nice hotel.  (Yes. It was an epic fail on my part). My excuse was straightforward and simple. My holidays due to residency training are almost nil every month. I deserved a nice place to rest. Period.