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Monday, March 24, 2014

Vietura: The First Aesthetic Lifestyle Institute in Manila

Launched in early 2013, Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle Institute is a first in Manila. Sofitel Philippine Plaza, one of the leading luxury hotels in Manila, has partnered with the country's leading wellness experts to come up with this unique concept. 

Vie actually means life and tura comes from nature (nature). It focuses on a holistic approach to wellness, combining aesthetic procedures with integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. Programs can range from weight management sessions to anti-aging procedures. They also offer nutritional counseling and cosmetic dentistry. Everything in Vietura is 100 percent non-invasive procedures that will all be tailor-made for each individual that comes in for a treatment. The three-step philosophy of Vietura will always be "Measure, Mentor and Monitor".

What is nice about Vietura is that they have integrated vertical gardens in all the treatment rooms. These "green" installations add to the relaxing atmosphere of Vietura. The institute also has nine treatment rooms, Two Colonics rooms, Two IV rooms and One Dental Room. 

Before my treatment, I had a quick consult with one of their nutritionists.  I was given the Lipocry (Since summer is fast approaching) and the Resolift treatment (for skin tightening).

Lipocryo has fat removal technology that freezes fat cells in the body. These fat cells are eventually eliminated. The amazing thing about this treatment is that the breakdown of fat continues up to 60 days. Even after the treatment, you will see results in the coming weeks. After my treatment, they measured my abdominal area again and there was already a considerable difference. I was impressed! Of course, this is not the only solution to weight loss. Exercise and proper diet should also be part of your lifestyle. 

The other treatment I had was the Resolift for fine lines and wrinkles. This 15 minute procedure immediately left my skin feeling smooth and taut.

I will definitely be back to continue the treatments. Thank you again, Vietura and Sofitel Manila for this. 

If you are looking for an alternative wellness center that will cater to your specific needs, Vietura would be perfect for you. Your road to health, beauty and wellness starts here.

For more information about Vietura, please call +632 551 5555 local 5000 or email at info@vietura.com or visit www.vietura.com

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