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Friday, November 14, 2014

Mott 32 in Hong Kong: Peking Duck Heaven

Disclaimer: It was not exactly the best day for photography because my cam was acting up but I tried my best to take good photos.

When Hong Kong introduces a new dining concept, you expect it to be better than the rest. When we first heard of Mott 32 in Hong Kong (from our friend's friend), all we got were positive reviews. Considering the reputation of this person, we headed to the Standard Chartered building in Central one fine night to see what the buzz was all about. 

Mott 32 was a design collaboration between Hong Kong-based Joyce Wang and Maximal Concepts. The result of this synergistic team is a restaurant that has masterfully blended elements of China's past and Hong Kong's urban landscape.

The center of the restaurant is their custom industrial duck oven with a special air-drying fridge.

There are different dining areas in this 7,500 square foot restaurant. Each one gives a a unique and cool vibe. 

If you were wondering why it was named Mott 32, the restaurants had its historic roots all the way in New York. Thirty-two Mott Street was once the address of the first Chinese convenience store in the Big Apple when it opened in 1851. This was catalyst for the birth of the Chinatown we all know now.

 I could not stop looking at all the art works on the walls. 

The bathroom was reminiscent of Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets (Remember that scene leading to the Basilisk?)

Touches from a bygone era.

For the most important part: the verdict on the food. Forgive me for not being able to take all the photos but trust me when I say that this has been one of the meals I have had in Hong Kong. From the dimsum to the main dishes, everything was almost at par with Michelin standards. 

Ducks are roasted in the Cantonese and Beijing method. The Apple Wood Peking Duck (done 3-way), one of their signature dishes, was sinfully good. The skin just melts in your mouth (Deadly, I know but worth every bite).. I never thought I would like Peking Duck this much.

The happy gang after our meal. Friends from UNO premier (Thank you again Herbie Chua for the treat). Without question, this dining experience was definitely worth it!

Mott 32.
For reservations: Call +852 2885 8688 or email them: reservations@mott32.com

Location is Standard Chartered Building in Central.

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