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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Siem Reap Diaries: Eat, Travel, Sleep, Pray, and Letting Go.

Hello, guys! Here I am back in Siem Reap for my 31st birthday. I promised myself that I would not miss the Sunrise in Angkor Wat this time.  A day before my birthday, my sister and I dragged ourselves out of bed early to see this beautiful silhouette of Angkor Wat at Sunrise. Despite the overwhelming number of tourists, we waited patiently for this magic to happen. After a few hours though, something unfortunate again happened. I lost my phone while going around the temples. Then came the familiar feeling like the time my camera was stolen in Paris or when my laptop crashed. I could feel panic and utter terror just thinking about it. Eight thousand unsaved photos. Not again, I said. I immediately went back to Angkor Wat, praying that I would find my phone but I knew it was gone. Perhaps, it had to be lost. Perhaps. There were so many things stored in that phone that reminded me of my past. I have learned a lot about letting go this year. There are simple many thing we have no control over. This was one of them. Life is still beautiful and it goes on.