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Friday, February 27, 2015

Siama Hotel: An Eco Resort in the Heart of Sorsogon

It was a trip that should have taken less than two hours. With another twist of fate, our trip turned out to be 12 long hours from Manila to Sorsogon. On the day of our fight, the skies were clear and our spirits were high. I suddenly remembered telling my sister the day before our short vacation that I had that "bad" feeling about our flight. I hated the idea that my gut was right. Shortly before landing, the captain of our plane said that due to poor visibility, he could not land the aircraft. He was going to give it one more go but somehow, we felt that something extreme could happen if we kept on trying. The weather in Legazpi could get pretty erratic on occasions.  We tried to fly in twice but to no avail. The plane descended and within a few minutes, the pilot pulled the plane back up again. There was panic in our eyes but we were all composed nonetheless. With much relief, we were diverted back to Manila. This must be normal for pilots but I had never experienced this in my history of travel. Without hesitation, we eventually did a never ending roadtrip to a hidden retreat in Sorsogon called "Siama Hotel". Our butts were sore and unhappy but the whole journey was worth it. It was invigorating to see this side of the Philippines.

Designed by acclaimed designer Milo Naval, Siama Resort has given us another reason to visit Sorsogon (aside from the famous butanding or whale shark). The whole resort was inspired by the traditional "Nipa Hut". The woven rattan pieces, airy lobby and huge slabs of acacia make this beautiful property a design haven in the middle of the forest.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Balesin Royal Villa: A New Level of Luxury in Balesin

With much anticipation, the Balesin Royal Villa, the newest and last village in Balesin officially just opened last November. As one of the most sought after island destinations in the country now, Balesin wanted to offer something special specifically for honeymooners or big groups. With only 14 suites, the Balesin Royal Villa is the only village that offers complete privacy for its guests. That means the other guests staying in other villages (Click here for my first post about Balesin) are not allowed to swim or use the Balesin Royal Villa facilities when it is booked.

When you arrive, you are picked up by one of the staff dressed as if he were actually waiting for royalty.

Forever Summer

Thank You, Balesin Island Club for another wonderful tropical weekend. I will writing about the newest "Royal" Village that will be the perfect alternative for honeymooners out there. 


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