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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pinto Art Museum: 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit

Art has a transformative power. Without it, reality would easily eat us alive. It helps us express ourselves in ways unimaginable. Art can make us cope, adapt and even survive. This is the reason why I love going to Museums whenever I travel. It gives me a sense of the of past, present and future of a place.  

A few years ago, I thought museums had no chance of surviving in this country. The National Museum seems to be deserted most of the time. This sad fate has made me realize that there is an immediate need to change the way we do museums. After my recent visit to the popular Pinto Art Museum, I saw a glimpse of hope. It is possible to re-introduce art in our culture.
Here are a few reasons why you should visit:

1) It is only 40 minutes from Manila. If you are tired of going to the South for the usual weekend getaway, Antipolo is your next option. Pinto Art could be part of your spontaneous roadtrips in the future.

2) For photography. With its Mediterranean/Mexican inspiration, every single corner of this Museum is a photographer's dream.  You can even have a prenuptial photoshoot here.

3) To unwind after a crazy week in the city. Whether it's a date with a special someone or family, Pinto Art Museum is a world away from Manila.  It feels like one of the Vineyards in Napa. This is also a beautiful place to bring families and friends from abroad. 
4) Unparalled Views of Manila at Sunsets. My photo does not even give it justice.

5) Of course, it's all about the ART. You won't find any of the masters here but it does not mean there is nothing noteworthy to see. Pinto has the an extensive collection, from indigenous to contemportary art. Make sure you have at least half of day so you can enjoy the grounds.

A popular Leeroy New piece.


6) If you love Architecture and Design. 

7) To Eat. Pinto has 3 cafes and each one would offers the perfect atmosphere for slowing down. The food is not Antonio's level but it hits your stomach the right way. 
Kudos to Dr Cunanang for building a musem that will inspire present and future generations of this country. Pinto is truly the  perfect name for this place. It has become a door for opportunities in this country for art to thrive.

Pinto Art Museum:
San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal
Call (02) 697 1015


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