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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Steak Perfection at 22 Prime, Discovery Suites

In  Manila, there are only a few steakhouses that could rival the best ones in the world. When I received an invitation from the Discovery group to have dinner at their flagship steakhouse, 22 Prime, my immediate answer was a yes. This multi-awarded restaurant is a favorite of bona fide carnivores in the metro that consider steak as their virtual kryptonite.

Our welcome from the Discovery team that night was one fit for VIPs. The Corporate Chef, Marketing team and even the General Manager were all there to greet us. It was a pleasant surprise that they were joining us for dinner. I do love meeting and talking to people when I get the chance. As soon as we sat down, I immediately got caught in our engaging conversations that I almost forgot that we were there to eat steak. 
We started with my all-time favorite Seared Foie Gras. 

These were the heavenly Baked Oysters that came all the way from Aklan - the seafood capital of our country. We also had a fill of the truffle risotto (not in photo) after finishing the plate of oysters.

Before the main event, they made me pick my own steak knife. In a way, the knife you pick reflects your personality. I got the most classic one, of course.

The highlight of this dinner was Prime's Signature dish, the Tomahawak - an 850 gram steak with a long bone that almost looks like an axe or a caveman's club. The Long bone serves a real purpose here by retaining the juices inside the meat. The Tomahawk steak came with Grilled Asparagus, Tomato-Parmesan Gratin, Mousseline and House Steak Sauce. 

It was nice to hear Corporate Chef Anthony Raymond's stories about his passion when it comes to steaks. As someone who previously worked in Peninsula Beverly Hills (The number 1 hotel in Beverly Hills) and Stella Marris in Paris, he would know what discerning steak lovers want. With his impressive credentials, Chef Raymond is set on taking the culinary talent in Discovery to a different level.

My only advice before coming here: Make sure you do not eat anything before dinner because the Tomahawk could be good for 2-4 people, depending on your appetite.

The Tomato-Parmesan Gratin.

The mouthwatering medium-well Tomahawk Steak cut in the middle. It was so good you don't even need the steak sauce to add flavor. 

Since there was still bit of room for dessert, we tried their divine Mango Cheesecake.

The Chocolate Marquise, their signature dessert, was a revelation for me. The soft chocolate mousse with Vanilla English Cream and Pistachio bits hit all the right spot. 

For wine enthusiasts, 22  Prime also has an extensive selection.

Aside from the almost faultless food and impeccable service, our dinner was made more memorable because of conversations that would solidify the start of a long lasting love affair with Discovery. I cannot wait to discover more gastronomic and travel adventures with them.

For reservations, call 719888. or visit www.discoveryhotels-resorts.com
Located on the 22nd Floor of Discovery Suites, ADB Avenue, Ortigas City.

Thank You.

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