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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rekindling My Boracay Love Affair with Discovery Shores

With my life straddling between long hours in the hospital and fleeting weekend travels, unique hotel experiences are a must. Luxury is not yet that ubiquitous for obvious reasons but the real danger is when it becomes generic. Hotels are now upping the ante in order to provide something exceptional for their guests. People certainly want  more value for their hard-earned money. 

After my trips to India and Maldives, both my dream destinations, the ridiculous first-world dilemma that presented itself was how to top those exceptional properties. Boracay was next on my list. Considering the recently concluded Laboracay event (Labor Day Weekend on the Island – a weekend of pandemonium that turns Boracay into an extension of Manila’s party scene. Que Horror!), was it still possible for our tropical paradise in the Philippines, one of the best islands in the world, to wow me? The island's inevitable tourism boom has become some sort of double-edged sword. I must admit that the idea of seeing a crowded Boracay with algae in its once pristine waters was a bit frightening. I have developed a slight aversion for anything that becomes too commercial. I value my quiet time and privacy these days. One special weekend, I found all my answers when I was lucky enough to have a staycation with Discovery Shores Boracay.