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Friday, November 6, 2015

Amanusa: Bali's Little Piece of Paradise

(A Preview)
As someone who loves hotels and resorts (too much, in fact), the Aman properties will always be legendary. My road to being an amanjunkie has long been postponed but after finishing my dermatology residency training lately,  I think I will have a long and lasting relationship with Aman. 

Aman, which means safe and peaceful, always treats their guests like family. You will never feel that you are far from home. This is the reason why most of its employees never leave since opening day. Of course, the beauty of this group is that it embraces the local culture. From the construction materials to the architecture, Aman properties never fail to show you the traditions and culture of that place. 

With the help of Chinmoy from Virtuoso, I was able to make my Aman dreams come true during my recent trip in Bali. Bali's resort porn reputation makes it impossible to pick sometimes. There are hundreds of beautiful properties all over the island of the gods.  This time though, I could not pass the opportunity to stay in an Aman property. I had to cut down my choices. It was time.

In Bali alone, there are three Aman resorts: Amanusa in Nusa Dua, Amankila (Another post about this) in Manggis, and Amandari in Ubud. It was a difficult decision but I ended up picking Amanusa because of its location and incredible 30-meter pool.  

Amanusa, despite being located in busy Nusa Dua, offers absolute peace and tranquility. It is situated within and above the relaxing grounds of the Bali Country Club. You can't believe this place exists only a few kilometers from the touristy areas. Aman sure knows how to make their properties private and exclusive. The pool, the focal point of this resort, makes this resort nothing short of magical. Surrounded by colonnade laden with bougainvilleas and 200-year old frangipani trees, the pool seems like something out of a dream. As the evening comes, traditional music is played by gamelan players. It echoes throughout the property, providing a more surreal setting for dinner.

With sweeping views of the golf course, beautifully appointed free-standing villas, private beach club, exceptional food and faultless service, Amanusa was the perfect start of my journey as an Amanjunkie. No wonder Aman properties have become the benchmark for most properties. They are neither trendy nor flashy but the sophisticated atmosphere is for the discerning and well-heeled travelers. I may have opened Pandora's box but I know it will lead me more to Aman paradise soon.

I will have a more extensive review in a few weeks. For now, I need to pack my bags again.

Europe, here I come!

For Bookings: Email my new favorite travel concierge: @chinmoylad: clad@zebrano.com. He can give you the best rates and upgrades. 

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