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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Discovery Primea: The Best Staycation Experience in Manila

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Let's face it. Sometimes, going on an actual vacation (no matter how amazing the place is) can be stressful. Traveling can take its toll, especially when you are doing it for a long period. This is the reason why people prefer doing Staycations. The idea of a Staycation is not new but it is not a common thing in this country. Strictly speaking, a staycation means staying home or somewhere close to home to help you relax and rejuvenate. I prefer to do it in the latter. It has done wonders for my mind and body. It's nice to slow down a bit and tap out while staying in your zip code.

Among all the new properties in the city, Discovery Primea was the one that had always piqued my interest. Having stayed in some of their properties before, I knew Primea had something unique to offer in the city. As a member of the prestigious Preferred Hotel and Resorts LVX Collection, a mark of sophistication and luxury, Primea has brought Filipino hospitality to a different level.

Located in the center of my favorite city, you cannot miss this structure that dominates the Makati skyline. Kenzo Tange, who received the Pritzer Prize (The Highest honor in architect) was the man behind Primea's architecture.
Fresh from our weekend escape, we went straight to Discovery Primea to take a break from our mini vacation.
Upon our arrival, we were given some refreshing cocktails from the Gilarmi Lounge. 
When I reached our suite, what I saw was the best welcome from a hotel! Aside from the cake, they even got the header from my blog. It could not get more special than that.

I was lucky to have been given the biggest room in the hotel -- The luxurious Primea Suite, a 94 square meter haven that made me forget I was actually in Manila (Soon, they will have the Presidential Suite). The Primea Suite has two inviting bedrooms that you will never want to leave. 

Room 1.
The glorious bathroom.

The bathroom products from white company reflects the understated luxury of this hotel. 

I could spend the whole morning in the tub.
Room number 2.

The elegantly furnished living room. What I loved was the feel of being home. It was finding something familiar in something new.

The kitchen and the washer/dryer can make it easier for travelers if they stay here for a long time. 

When you are doing a staycation in a hotel, try to stay in the room as much as you can. I highly recommend getting room service because you can. Primea's whole white coat and glove add a touch of class to your stay.

I was in the mood for some good old comfort food - Spaghetti and meatballs and Tuna Sandwich.

Ketchup is my life.

You also have to get room service for breakfast. It is one of my life's greatest pleasure.

My favorite time in the hotel is the turndown service.

In Discovery Primea, you have these invisible workers that make their presence known at night.

The hotel is virtually tucking you in bed.

I spent most of the time in the room but I was able to squeeze in some spa treatments.

Ito Kish sofas stand out in the receiving area.

I was in for a treat because it was my first time to try the Hammam or Turkish Bath. I was hesitant initially because anything with steam would make me feel uncomfortable. Surpisingly, I was able to get myself to relax and enjoy the bath.  All the dead skin cells bid adieu after that. 

My one hour massaged followed. It seemed too indulgent but hey, this was a staycation.

Here are the other things Primea has to offer:

Lobby of the 5th Floor. This is where the amenities are located.
How many hotels do know have chapels?

The fully-equipped gym.

The poolside is my favorite. It gives you a taste of how amazing the location of this hotel is in the city.

If you are wondering about the other rooms, the hotel has three more types: The Business Flat, Business Suite and Executive Suite. The difference between the Business Flat and Business suite is the addition of a sofa in the latter. The Executive Suite, on the other had, has a bedroom with a separate kitchen and living area.

The Business Flat. 

Simliar layout for the bathroom.

View of Glorietta Complex.
For cigar and single-malt enthusiasts, you can go the 1824. Eighteen Twenty-four was the year when first license for single malt distilleries was approved, hence the name. 

A suit would be perfect here.

If you want to try some cocktails or high tea, the Gilarmi Lounge is open. This bar pays homage to the Gilarmi Apartments which once stood here. 

Of course, you cannot leave the hotel without trying the Tapenade - the restaurant that has put Primea on the metro's culinary map. They serve the best Mediterranean Cuisine! The healthy salad bar is also a must try (This will be a separate post). The Edge Bar on the 16th Floor and Flame Restaurant are due to open this month. 
With its level of service, food, location and amenities, I would say Discovery Primea is the new best choice for a staycation in Manila. The point of doing this vacation within the city is to reconnect with yourself. It is all about forgetting about work and focusing on your balancing your mind and body. Thanks to Discovery Primea, I was able to do just that. 
Thank you to Mildred, Jane and the whole team for this wonderful stay!

Rooms start at P8,000 per night.
Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue Makati 1226, Metro Manila

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