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Friday, December 4, 2015

Post-Residency Vacation

Hello, everyone! I have been traveling around Europe now for almost a month. This has been one of my most memorable trips so far since the end of my dermatology residency program. I started in Rome where I actually got to kiss the Pope Francesco's hand. It was an out of the body experience! I could not believe that it happened until today. More cities came after that, of course. Venice. Florence. Naples. Bielefeld. Cologne. Prague. Barcelona. Marrakech.

Currently, I am in Paris - a beautiful city that has been a victim of terrorism twice this year. Due to the recent attacks, I was discouraged to come here but terrorism should not derail us from exploring the word. We can't let them win! Paris is still as beautiful as the last time (with more soldiers roaming the city now!). I cannot wait to share with you all my experience. More details to follow.

See you.

Dr. GT

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