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Friday, September 23, 2016

Amanpulo: The Most Beautiful Island in the Philippines

Some vacations are truly more special than the rest that they almost become transcendental.  This island, the most beautiful one I had ever seen, was clearly a defining moment in my life. It marked the start and end of a lot of things. I kept telling Ivan (my personal guest assistant) that I was most likely the happiest person on that island when I arrived. No one could surpass my bliss. Unquestionably. When dreams do come true, it still feels like dream. Pamalican Island, more popularly known as Amanpulo, was it.

Only an hour away from Manila via private plane, Pamalican island gave me an unexplainable euphoria than no island ever had ever done for me. You do not know how special this island is until you see it. All the shades of blue and green of the Sulu Sea seemed unreal.

Even if you have your personal golf cart, I highly recommend doing a leisurely  walk  around the whole island (which I did on my first day). It will take you roughly about 1 hour and a half. I saw how Aman made sure that the island remained pristine despite having built this amazing resort.


Amanpulo has 42 casitas (Treetop, Beach and Deluxe hillside) but it also has private villas that would be ideal for families or group of friends. 

My home away from home.  What I love about my casita here is its understated native bahay kubo design by Mañosa. The pictures do not show it but the quality of the finishing and materials is impeccable. Can you imagine this resort has been here for more than two decades?

The immaculate bathroom.

Every morning, I had this view of Manamoc Island. 

A few steps away was my private lounging area with a direct access to the beach and turquoise waters.

The Deluxe Hillside Casita has panoramic views of the island. 
Treetop Pool Casita.

Villa. This one has a common pool, living area and 4 casitas. If you have extra money to burn, some of the villas are for sale.


Go to Gary's Nest for relaxing sunset cocktails.

The Lagoon side of Pamalican Island.

Depending on the season, Habagat (monsoon) or Amihan, one side of the island is calmer than the other.

Kawayan Bar can be set up by your guest assistant for a romantic dinner. You'll have a bartender that serves your cocktails while you watch the day go by. In Amanpulo, No request is too great l and no detail is too small. You are allowed to go crazy with your ideas and tell them -- from private dinners in front of your casita to casual picnics on a sandbar.

As for the dishes served during my stay, I could say that this island can do no wrong! Most of the seafood on the menu are locally-caught and fresh from the sea. The vegetables and herbs are also grown on the island.  Everything I ate in Amanpulo was worth every penny.

Amanpulo is also known for spoiling guests at the Spa. Set on a hillside, this sanctuary has a dreamy view of the waters. It was cloudy when I took this but it was still breathtaking.

I would like to commend my therapist for fixing my right wrist. She was a miracle worker!

The highlight of this trip was the release of 70 plus green sea turtles into the sea! They were the cutest things I had ever seen. As soon as they reached the water, they looked like they were flying.

The biggest surprise was when I saw these two beautiful "Pawikan" surfacing from Gary's nest. These two found each other in that huge sea. Soulmates, Perhaps?

The Pool. You'll notice that it was not built near the water because they wanted guests to focus on the beauty of Pamalican Island.

I had the most incredible breakfasts here.

From arrival to departure, my stay here was beyond my expectations. I cannot believe this paradise exists only an hour from our sometimes chaotic and maddening city. With God's grace, I hope one day I'll be lucky again to be back here.

Thank You to @chinmoylad (Instagram) from Virtuoso/Zebrano travels for arranging everything. You may contact him via email: clad@zebrano.com

For direct bookings, Click AMANPULO. 


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Is it open to the public? My family is planning a trip after xmas

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how much is the cost

deobaraanmd said...

Hi Reina, this is a private resort.
@Anonymous- Starts at $900 per night

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