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Saturday, October 15, 2016

My AirBnB Experience in Ubud: Bali's Cultural Center

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For obvious reasons, I am not really your AirBnB kind of traveler. I have always been been comfortable with my hotels and resorts. The first time I tried AirBnb was perhaps 5 or 6 years ago in London. Although it was not necessarily a bad experience, it was not the best either. Perhaps the reason for this was the fact that those were not the best options in the city. Now I am wiser.

Recently, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give this a go one more time. I would say if there's one perfect place to do this again, it would be none other that the islands of the gods - Bali. My love affair with this island will continue to burn until I have stayed (or seen) all of  my favourite resorts here (That is quite impossible but I will do my best).

In between my resort stays, I chose one of the villas in charming Ubud for a change. To my surprise, my villa was actually part of a small resort near Ubud Centre called Suarti Boutique Village. My fears suddenly vanished! My chance of living in Bali "Eat, Pray" Love" style might have been thrown out of the window but it did not matter any more . The good thing about this was that I felt more comfortable and safer knowing that I could call someone at the front desk every time I needed something (True enough, I called them for a lot of things).

Since all the one-bedroom villas were booked, I was upgraded to a huge two-bedroom villa. I had no problems with that, of course.

My villa went beyond my expectations. I had a spacious common area with dining table and kitchen. Right in front was the Ubud I had imagined -- verdant surroundings that will relax any tired mind and soul. 

Thanks to Smart Communication's partnership with AirBnb, I was able to able to do this. It was an opportunity that I could not miss. if you are a SMART prepaid or Postpaid subscriber (I have been a one for more than a decade), their new promo entitles you to a P1,200 discount for a single eligible booking. Smart will give you a unique promo code when you text SMART Airbnd to 2855 for free. As soon as you get your code, you can already use your chosen Airbnb listing. A minimum of P4,500 is needed for this promo. Quite easy and brilliant, eh? 

Promo is until December 15, 2016 but don't fret since the codes can still be used for any booking until March 31, 2017!

Cannot wait to check more amazing AirBnBs around the world!

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