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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tarsier Botanika: Bohol's Most Extraordinary Luxury Boutique Resort

I have a confession to make. When I fall in love, I fall fast and hard. This truth can also be said for my favorite resorts and hotels. Every time I see a property that makes my jaw drop, I tend to get lost in it. A few years ago, we ate at this beautiful cliffside restaurant called Tarsier Paprika -- our last stop before going back to Manila. It was love at first sight. My immediate question to one of the staff was: "Are they planning to build villas here? It would be a waste if they did not". I believed the whole project was not yet done and I was right. I knew the vision of its owners, Nicholas and Patricia Moussempes, was slowly being brought to fruition. After years of careful planning, they now have Tarsier Botanika - an extraordinary boutique resort in Panglao Island with 12 unique villas that reflect luxury in nature. It is nothing like the resorts you have seen in this country or anywhere in the world. 

Let me show you why this is one of my favorites through these photos. 

The homey reception area. 

Welcome Drink.

The Garden Villa was our home here. These villas were inspired by traditional Ifugao houses.

The impressive thing about the design is how Nicholas Moussempes combined many elements but still managed to make it seem cohesive. Sometimes, there is a tendency for something to look "confused" if you add too many things. 
The Bathroom.

Luxury Pool Villa (my favourite). It reminds me of those chic tent accommodations in Africa. 

The Living Room was divine.

The highlight of this villa was the room though. 

The made use of Bamboo to add the accents on the walls and ceilings. They commissioned artists from Cebu to make most of the beautiful furniture here.

Family Villa. It has the same design as the Garden villas but this has two separate rooms.

The Honeymoon Villa. 

Everything in this villa was chosen and designed by the owner himself. 

Dining Area.

Tarsier Botanika's main restaurant - Tarsier Paprika. 

A French Chef heads they kitchen in the restaurant. Expect delicious International cuisine to be served here.

My cousin and I enjoying a lovely lunch. 

One evening, we even had an unforfgettable degustacion menu. 

Do not forget to try the desserts!

Tarsier Equestria. Tarsier Botanika is also the only resort in the Philippines that offers beginner to advanced riding lessons. They have about 15 different breeds/sizes of horses. 

The Spa Village. I was lucky enough to get the Signature Tarsier Botanika massage and the Bohol chocolate latté body scrub. With all of the chocolate lathered all over my body, I thought I could eat myself. 

The Salon.

The polished bar is called Tarsier Tropika.  The resort also has a restaurant cum boutique shop near Alona Beach called Tarsier Exotika.

The sprawling 10-hectare property invites its guests to be one with nature.

One of the newest additions here is the "Corniche". From the restaurant, you can go down here and watch beautiful sunsets.

I just found my quiet spot in Bohol.

Tarsier Botanika is one of those rare projects that will make you change the way you think about resorts. It is so personal that it feels like you are being welcomed into someone else's home. When you are staying here, you realize that dreams can turn into reality. You just need a lot of love and passion. With those two things, anything is possible. 

To make a reservation, Click Tarsier Botanika. 

(Big Thanks to Cathy and Ish for making our stay amazing!)


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