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Monday, August 14, 2017

Rizal Park Hotel: Restoring Manila's Grandeur

A few years ago (during my residency training), we went to this old and derelict Army and Navy Club where a period movie shoot was taking place.  I had no idea that this building even existed in Manila. We were tasked to invite actor Cesar Montano to open our fun run for the hospital. While walking in the hallways of the Army and Navy Club, I wondered how it would have looked like during the American occupation. I kept telling myself that if I had the means to save this beautiful property, I probably would. All I saw was the potential of this building to help restore Manila's grandeur. We cannot afford to lose another heritage building.

For those who do not know, the Army and Navy Club is actually steeped in history. Founded in 1898, the Club's original location was in our beloved Intramuros district. When urban planner Daniel Burnham came into the picture, the club was transferred to the present site where it would serve as a venue for the military and social set upon its completion in 1911. This iconic property was designed by William Parson, an American architect who trained at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in France. Unfortunately, the glory days of this elegant building would soon be over after the war. Without proper maintenance and support from the government, the future of the club seemed bleak.  Hope, however, was not lost. In 1991, the building was finally declared a National Historic Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.  With the intent of restoring and preserving the old forgotten building, Oceanville Hotel and Spa Corporation decided that they would turn this into a world-class hotel. Thanks to the vision of Simon Lee Paz, we can finally see the beauty of this property with the opening of Rizal Park Hotel.

The Grand Lobby is the pièce de résistance of Rizal Park Hotel. I am certain that most guests who  visit the hotel for the first time will be snapping photos for their social media feed.

The classic black and white floors bring back old world charm.

The hotel's main building (Phase 1) has 76 elegantly decorated rooms with Baldoza-inspired floors while the second building (Phase II) will have 34 rooms when it opens. You can choose the Deluxe Room, Junior Suite, Premier Suite with Ante Room or the Army Navy Club Suite as your accommodation. As for dining options, Rizal Park Hotel currently has Café Rizal as the main restaurant. Soon, the property will also open its sky bar (overlooking the bay) and coffee shop. An infinity pool will also be part Phase II.

Here are more photos of the hotel:

Deluxe Room.

Junior Suite.

Presidential Suite - The biggest among them all. You can choose to get one bedroom or two bedrooms with ante room when you book this wonderful accommodation.

Hotel Courtyard (also an extension of the main restaurant).

Future Rooftop Bar.

As a product of adaptive reuse, Rizal Park Hotel is another refreshing change in a city that is too focused on modernisation. I am hoping more hotels and buildings will be inspired by this in the future. With this project, rehabilitation of Manila Bay may now be given priority. It may not be too late for us, after all.

For Bookings, Click http://www.rizalparkhotel.com.ph/

Rizal Park Hotel
South Road Drive, T.M Kalawa Ext, Ermita, Manila
Philippines 1000


Dan said...

Thank you for given us some intro. I've benn to this hotel to visit but didn't know the story behind.

Anonymous said...

in 1976, just before I immigrated here in USA, my American husband and I ate there at the restaurant.
Wow, now it is a magnificent hotel. Would love to stay there when we visit Pinas soon. Thanks for sharing.

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