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Friday, January 19, 2018

Bayud: Siargao's Newest IT Boutique Resort

I had always wanted to visit the idyllic island of Siargao before tourism swallowed it. Its meteoric popularity, both a blessing and a curse, was inevitable. Now, with the direct flights from Skyjet and Cebu Pacific, it will not be long until Siargao becomes ubiquitous on your Instagram feed. Such is the fate of our destinations in this country. 

Last September 2017, I was able to catch a glimpse of the Siargao that people fell in love with. During this time, I already had difficulty looking for an accommodation. We were lucky that our friend Coreen knew the owners of this resort called Bayud Boutique resort - a new property that was making a splash on social media. Bayud was the perfect place to start our adventure in Siargao. When I am on an island, I prefer to be away from the busy areas and Bayud had the most ideal location in General Luna. The only downside (at least for some people) is that 3G or LTE signal here can be weak. I guess you'll have more time to enjoy the island! 

Welcome to Bayud. 

Welcome drinks for us.

This was our Ocean View Room. Bayud has made the design simple and rustic. There was nothing over-the-top or fancy. Somehow, this works for Siargao since everyone on the island is "chill".

The poolside restaurant, Surfing Pig, serves some of the best Filipino food on the island. Chef Rainier Barbers (from the Tipsy Pig and Reserve group) is the man behind this. 

On our last day, we moved to the Presidential Room. It has one masters bedroom and another room with two double beds. You could easily fit 10 people here.

The Master's Bedroom. 

Space is luxury in Bayud. 

Side trips:

All the tours were arranged by Bayud. Bianca (the manager) and Chef Rain made sure all the we had everything we needed. We had a feast every time we ate. We started with the three most famous islands here - Guyam, Daku and Naked Island. 

The stunning Naked Island. It is called that way for obvious reasons. 

Daku Island. This was where we had our lunch. 

The tiny island of Guyam. You can literally walk around the whole island within 20 minutes. 
When you finish touring the islands, head to the famous Cloud 9 and learn how to surf! I would suggest giving this a day or two so you can properly get lessons. 

Moving Sunsets.

If you have an extra day, plan a trip Sugba Lagoon and do the "Jump".

For some quiet time, paddleboarding in the mangrove area is a must!

After the tours, you'll find that Bayud is your home in Siargao. Make sure you watch the sunset.

The appeal of Siargao is palpable. I now see why some people have moved to this island - an island that has been compared to Bali decades ago. Simple living is something that urban dwellers like me would consider in the future.  Despite its growing popularity, I am hoping that the local government will be vigilant enough when it comes to overdevelopment. We need more examples of eco-tourism in this country. Let Siargao be one of them. To all the tourists visiting Siargao or any destination, don't be the problem. Pick up trash when you see it. Let's leave some some for mother nature and future generations.

For Bookings, Check the Facebook Page of Bayud

Big Thanks to my amigas Kat and Coreen for making this an epic trip. Of course, this trip was more fun because of Chef Rain, who was our gracious host and tour guide! I cannot wait to be back.

Bayud Boutique Resort
Dapa-Union Road
8419 General Luna, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines

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