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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Murray Hong Kong: The Transformation of a Landmark

I quite love properties with a deep sense of history in their bones like the Murray. There is a slight thrill when I see the transformation of old structures into buildings of today. Before becoming a luxury hotel, the Murray was once a modernist government office building in the 1960s. The legendary building was then acquired by the the Niccolo group of hotels to be the flagship property in China. With the help of Foster + Partners, they were able to retain its soul and character. After the $1 billion dollar renovation, they were ready for their debut in Hong Kong.

At the Arches.

The LOBBY. Nothing excites me more than staying at a new hotel and stepping into its lobby for the first time. The highlight of the Murray's lobby is an art piece made of charcoal dangling from nylon threads. This was made by a Seoul-based artist named Bahk Seon-ghi.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Tuve Hotel Hongkong: Cool and Celestial State of Mind

It felt good to be back in my element. I had again started a series of hotel hopping and staycations (from small unique properties to the latest luxurious one) in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. For this post, I will be featuring my new favorite boutique hotel called Tuve, a property that caught my attention because of its philosophy: Timeless, placeless and genderless. 

In a megacity where hotels are as ubiquitous as taxis, Tuve hotel has succeedded in setting itself apart from the rest. Let's begin with its location. Tuve hotel is right smack in the middle of Tin Hau, a foodie paradise near Central. As soon as you reach Tin Hau (whether via MTR or taxi), keep your eyes open because their unassuming sign is posted on the road. You'll miss it if you blink for a second.

It almost felt like we were entering a speakeasy bar during the Prohibition Era. 

Tuve Hotel remains true to its inspiration - the Swedish Lake Tuve during wintertime. When you enter the lobby, you'll appear to be transported to a cold and almost celestial plane. The design aesthetic is dark but there's something completely relaxing and hypnotic about it.